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Fields of interest

  • Production / Manufacturing
  • Physical product development
  • Service based on physical product development
  • R&D – Research & Development

Do you need smart conceptual solution for the production technology problem you’re facing? With SI Production you might make better development decision, estimate technological improvements implementation costs, find out how to implement ideas into reality, to your production facility or physical product prototype.

Example case study:

We are production company, that produce welding powder. While packing process, we facing problem with tearing up the package. We think the problem lies on heating module, where it welds the package too much. Costs of new packing machine is large, we are looking for smart solution idea to solve the issue.
We are also interested in implementing the idea, by making prototype and checking hypothesis you’ll make.

First, one of our team member traveled to the city, where the factory was located. Looked closely at the machine, measured the most important parts, took notes, pictures so we could better plan the work. Next phase was organising a meeting inside the company, in that case – online meeting, while connecting with our team and making brainstorm, trying to find out all possible solution for the issue, we were talking and discussing possible ways for improvements.

We created a raport, with posible solutions and we have proposed the best solution and proposed developing also a prototype. We did it, tested the prototype and as we expected, it did not solve the issue entirely. But that was not the goal of first prototype. As in any Research & Development project, tests of first prototype gave us lots of insides, later on, while iterating on the solutions, helped us a lot to create final design, that solved the issue.

What we can provide:

  • product / service development process planning
  • cost estimation for product development
  • conceptual solutions for production technology
  • conceptual solutions for product development
  • business model improvement for product or service
  • production process planning and improvement
  • possible solutions for production machines improvements

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