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Paper coiler


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An intelligent device which works with your cash register.

  • automatic detection of printer operation (stretching sensor)
  • quick and simple paper change
  • compatible with all standard cash registers
  • the ability to coil all standard paper sizes
  • maximum diameter of rolled up paper – 80 mm
  • creates a neatly packed coiled for storage (coiling evenness +- 4mm)
  • speed regulation
  • possibility of coiling with print outside or inside
  • possibility of coiling up to 100 meters of receipt
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Smart rolling-up

Device automatically detects if your printer is or is not working, so when printing is done, paper coiler will not break the receipt. The coiler will also detect print resuming and will start working again.

Thanks to this solution one person can operate several coilers at the same time, since coiling process is almost fully automatic and upon completion our paper coiler stops and waits for another job



  • Our paper coiler is compatible with all standard thermal cash registers and all standard cash register thimbles.
  • Thimble width: 26mm-86mm
  • Height of the cash registers: up to 190mm
  • Innovative solution of regulation and hooking paper on a reel system
  • Length of the paper: up to 100m


User panel:

  • ON/OFF switch
  • Speed control knob
  • Reversing switch
  • Pause switch


Paper change:

A simple solution for putting on and taking off paper. The whole operation takes only few seconds, which saves your time and energy.


Intended use:

Device is designed for coiling thermal paper for storage purposes. To make the device more universal our engineers found a compromise between even coiling and ease of use. Work with our coiler as well as its adjustment and adaptation for another printer is blazingly fast

The coiler winds the paper to form a roll, which deviates +/- 4mm.

Upon request, we can produce a dedicated device for even coiling – even +/-2mm. Please contact us if you are interested:


  • packaging size: 30cm x 40cm x 50cm
  • Weight of the coiler: 3,2kg
  • Free shipping within Poland – Inpost
  • Possibility of shipping abroad



Terms of warranty:

  1. Use in accordance with the instructions and intended use
  2. Opening the case, modyfing the device, independent service, using contrary to the intended use or using against the contents of the instrucion voides the warranty
  3. Warranty period: 12 month from the date of purchase

Contact us:

We provide technical support from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.