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Personalised equipment

Contacts us for a quote:

  • packing tables
  • tool cabinets (?)
  • carts
  • line conveyors systems
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We provide:

  • local vision and researching the needs
  • advice and support
  • conceptual designs and proposals of workplaces
  • concept approval and executive design
  • production, transport and installation


We realize projects for special, singular modernisation and upgrading needs, all adapted to the increasing requirements of efficiency and safety.


Tools produced by SI Production are the result of detailed analyzes of the needs and expectations of our clients. Since the very first stage of consulting and planning we rely on our experts, who guarantee specialized construction, engineering, technical and technological consultancy. Mutual project agreements, goals, assumptions and priorities as well as economic analyzes set the direction for the implementation of the project.


Why us?

  • setting standards and developing custom-made offers
  • customers satsifaction is our priority
  • enhancement of your production as a result of our solutions guaranteed
  • we design, produce and modernize based on the highest standards and technologies
  • lower maintenance costs
  • refined device is our guarantee of quality, durability and less media consumption
  • a variety of applications and solutions
  • we adjust solutions to the needs of our clients in almost every region of industry
  • the latest technology and the highest quality to your disposal
  • we provide devices and solutions that guarantee the highest quality
  • global customer service
  • quick response to your request


Offer factors:

  • net prices
  • offer validity: 30 days
  • terms of payment: 100% prepayment
  • estimated time of completion: to be agreed

Until the invoice is paid SI Production remains the only owner of the device(s)



We provide technical support from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.